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TEF General Scholarship

Teso Education Fund (TEF) runs a scholarship programme from 2021. The scholarships are offered to students in the Teso sub region in eastern Uganda. The scholarships are offered annually in December-January to target studies starting in February-March.

These scholarships are offered equitably across the district of Teso. However, TEF has an affirmative action policy. TEF offers 60% of these scholarships to qualified female applicants and 10% to qualified applicants with disability.

To apply, an applicant must have:

  1. A letter of admission to an institution of education or training.
  2. Academic certificates.
  3. A national identification card.
  4. A letter of recommendation from their Local Council 1 chairperson.
  5. A personal statement explaining why they should be awarded a scholarship.

TEF has so far provided full sponsorship to 24 students under this scheme. 85% of our sponsored students have studied science courses such as clinical medicine, nursing, laboratory techniques, engineering, building and construction, pharmacy, agriculture, business, and education.

For more information about these scholarships, please go here.

Dr Patrick Igulot, Executive Director, TEF