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Our priority health interventions

Our health coordinator, Alexandra Akutwi has identified priorities for improving health among diaspora communities in the UK. Below, she outlines her analysis of the situation and what she plans to do.

As a health coordinator, my vision is to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle within Ateker .Health as we all know is not just the absence of physical disease but it is a holistic state of a person and communities in every aspect.

The global pandemic of Covid 19 has just proven that indeed good health is the most important thing that one can have. We have all seen first-hand and know how it has affected black communities in the diaspora leading to the highest number of deaths and admissions to Intensive Treatment Units.  admissions.

Covid 19 has proven that one’s state of health is the number one weapon to fight the virus despite other medical interventions. Personally, the lesson I have learnt and experienced was that it was truly survival for the fittest and indeed Health is wealth.

My aim therefore is to implement the basics, by focusing on eliminating or reducing factors that reduce good health and promoting factors that are protective of good health.

These are the simple yet very important which to mention but a few are diet, exercise , appropriate sun exposure , vitamin D supplement especially in the cold months , access and utilise all available health programs offered , build a good relationship with own GP,  social interactions and connections, have adequate rests  or holidays to avoid burnout to mention but a few.

My appeal is to encourage everyone to prioritise themselves and invest in their health and wellbeing before anyone or the never-ending projects and expectations nothing is worth. compromising your health for.

It is no brainer that if one is healthy then that is wealth that can then enable you to look after others. So simply put my message is Look after number one – YOU!