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Ateso Language and Culture Lessons 

TEF runs Ateso language and culture lesson since 2020. The lessons are for children and adults who are keen to learn basic or intermediate Ateso language skills. They are also for fluent speakers who want to refresh or perfect their Ateso language skills.

The lessons are for both children and adults interested in learning the culture of the Iteso. The lessons are online and attended by learners from around the world including Uganda, South Africa, USA, and UK.

Besides the Ateso language and culture, the young people in the UK are also taught British values to promote community harmony and integration. Through these lessons, TEF empowers its learners to appreciate and value their heritage and identity while embracing their new home.

Through these lessons, TEF has managed to prevent young people from engaging in antisocial behaviour such as joining gangs, involving in criminal activities such as knife and gun violence and taking drugs.

We have so far trained and graduated 35 learners in basic Ateso language. For more about Ateso language and culture lessons and to join the lessons online, please go here.