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Martha Ococ

Martha is from  Ikaribwok clan, Iputiro sub clan of Olupe in Serere district.  She started her career as an administrator working in a government institution in Uganda.

She took time off to raise her children.  She then changed her career and in 2006, completed her training as a Health Care Practitioner in University of West London where she graduated with Health Promotion/Public Health degree.

After completing has studies, Martha joined the National Health Service (NHS) England where she has worked in various capacities.  She now works as a Senior Community Health Professional in Rehabilitation Units while acting as a mentor and practise educator for students.

“I believe when given an opportunity, child can change the life of a home, a village, or a community”.  “I call upon all Iteso to support various initiatives that communities have started while working together so that we develop our people and Teso”.