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Dr Patrick Igulot

Patrick is from the Imiiro sub clan of Ikaruok clan, the largest clan of the Iteso and he was born in Acoa in present day Kapelebiong district.

He holds a PhD in Sociology obtained from City, University of London (2011–2017), Masters in Sociology and Bachelor of Arts in Social Science both from Makerere University in Uganda. Dr Igulot is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

He currently works as a lecturer at University of Sunderland. Previously he taught at City, University of London both in the UK. He is currently member of Board of Trustees and Director of British Council for Prevention of Blindness in the UK.

Patrick worked in The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) for 10 years and was Manager for TASO Soroti in Uganda. He was the chairman during the revival of Iteso Welfare Association (IWA) UK from 2015–2016 and was its first Executive Director from 2016 to 2018.

Patrick is a health and social researcher with expertise in health and society. He is a published researcher and specialises in quantitative research. He is a development consultant on issues of health and wider social development.

His plan is to transform Teso Education Fund, UK into a professional organisation and to mobilise the Iteso, friends of Teso and well-wishers to give back to Teso.

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