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Chief Solomon Emong

Chief Emong is from the Ikouba-Inomu clan from Aminit in Kolir Bukedea district. Ejakait Emong worked in Uganda Fisheries Training Institute in Entebbe and came to the UK to study. He has lived in the UK since. While in the UK, he has done a wide of things including being a trustee, a Parish Warden and as a businessman. He has been a prominent elder in the Iteso community for many years.

Epolon Emong, the peace maker among the Iteso in the UK has been the chair of elders since 2007. In May 2017, His Highness, The Emorirmor, Papa ‘Iteso Augustine Osuban appointed him as a representative of Teso Education Fund in the UK. Epolon Emong wishes to see the Iteso unite to develop themselves and their motherland, Teso.