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Alexandra Florence Akutwi

Alexandra is from the Atek clan and she was born and bred in Osigiria in Ngora district. After completing her higher education in business, she worked in administration in a leading international organisation in Uganda for 5 years.

In a change of career, she then left for the UK in 1999 to pursue Nursing Studies in the University of Buckinghamshire in the UK where she graduated in 2003 and joined the National Health Service (NHS) where she has worked since. During her work, Alexa has gained a lot of experience over the years working as a Nurse in an Acute setting.

She has also acquired higher qualifications including teaching in clinical settings, Diabetes Management specialist Nursing, Pre-Assessment Practitioner, Orthopaedic Competency Programme, Infection Prevention and Control in Healthcare and various other Nursing related courses.

Alexa currently works as Pre-Assessment Specialist Senior Nurse, a role which requires a lot of experience because of the clinical judgement and decision required about patients preparing for elective surgery.

The role also involves a lot of mentoring for junior staff and student Nurses which is both challenging but equally rewarding.

Alexa is passionate about health promotion, disease prevention, and management of existing long-term conditions as strategies to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and stay which both drain patients and families mentally and financially.

She calls upon the people of Teso to support health professionals to promote health so that our people can recognise the importance of making healthy choices to avoid, prevent and manage diseases.

She believes this can be achieved jointly by creating supportive environments and strengthening communities right from grassroots as it was in the past. She would also like to see Ateker openly discussing health issues and empowered to direct their health and welfare.