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Teso Education Fund Awards Round 2 Scholarships

On Saturday 5 February 2022, Teso Education Fund awarded full scholarships to 11 scholars from across the districts of Teso sub region. However, 5 more students on the waiting list have been sponsored.

This now makes it 16 students sponsored in Cohort 2 (2022) and a total of 24 sponsored fully by TEF in 2 years. 50% of all TEF scholars are female.

The ceremony took place at the prestigious Soroti University of Science and Technology and was officiated by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. John Robert Ikoja Odongo who was represented by the Academic Registrar.

The students are sponsored to study 2 year professional or diploma courses in vocational institutions in Uganda.


1.        ALAYO, Madel F Amuria Certificate in Pharmacy
2.        OJILONG, Joseph M Bukedea Certificate in Enrolled Nursing
3.        EPAIRE, Patrick Auruku M Bukedea Certificate in Enrolled Nursing
4.        AKOL, Patricia Deborah F Butebo Diploma in Business Administration
5.        IGETO, Sarah F Kaberamaido National Certificate in Agricultural Practice
6.        EBOYU, Collins M Kalaki Certificate in Pharmacy
7.        ABIA, Hellen Susan F Kapelebyong Certificate in Enrolled Nursing
8.        ASEGE, Marion F Katakwi Certificate in Tailoring
9.        AURIEN, Richard M Katakwi Brick Laying and Concrete Practice
10.     ALUNGAT, Mary Lilian F Kumi Certificate in Records & Health Information
11.     ANYAIT, Lucy F Ngora Certificate in Pharmacy
12.     ALIANU, Daniel Isaac M Ngora Diploma in Computer Science & IT
13.     OKELLO, Joseph M Pallisa Diploma in Agriculture
14.     ELOLU, Misaki M Serere National Diploma in Animal Production & Mgt
15.     ACHEN, Rebecca F Soroti Certificate in Nursing
16.     AMUNYO, Grace F Kaberemaido Certificate in Grade III Teacher Education

Speaking at the award ceremony, David Morulem, a student of Diploma in Nursing representing scholars from the first cohort thanked TEF for giving them the opportunity to get education. He called on the new scholars to join them in being the light of the Teso society.

A parent representing the first cohort of scholars thanked TEF for the support in educating their children. She welcomed the parents of the newly sponsored students and called upon them to guide their children so that they can succeed in their education.

TEF Uganda Administration Officer, Harriet Amoding challenged parents to complement the efforts of TEF in the education of their children. She challenged the parents to play their part in supporting their children such as visiting them, providing necessities and checking their progress.

Mr Abdallah Ochogiah, a member of management for TEF Uganda elaborated the process of awarding the scholarships. He said the scholarships were offered publicly and transparently. He called on parents to support their children. He thanked Soroti University for hosting the colourful event.

Mr Okello, the Academic Registrar of Soroti University who represented the Vice Chancellor began by appreciating the vision of TEF and challenged the scholars to live up this vision and their professions.

Quoting Philanthropist Bill Gates, he told the students that it was not their fault to be born poor. However, if you die poor, it becomes your fault. He went on to inform the students that their success was the success of the society. However, their failures were individual.

He encouraged the students to work hard and avoid retakes because TEF will not pay for repeated years of study. He cautioned them against joining bad groups in their study institutions. He advised the students to be focussed on their studies.

He reminded them to be grateful to their parents and their previous teachers and to TEF. He told them to support their society and TEF when they finish their studies so that more people can benefit. He promised to work closely with, and to support TEF.

He thanked TEF for investing in young people. He said, the best investment for a young person is educating them. Mr Okello  commended TEF for a job well done.

Miss Patricia Deborah Akol, a student of diploma in business studies speaking on behalf of recipients of the scholarships some of whom were in tears of joy, thanked TEF. She said this scholarship has lightened our financial burden. We are now going to concentrate on our studies.

She called on her colleagues to excel in their studies as the perfect way to reward the sponsors. She urged them to be self-driven during their studies. She urged them to work hard to avoid retakes. She said, let’s work so that in future we shall also help other people. Let this be an inspiration to us.

Mr Onyait Michael speaking on behalf of the Cohort 2 parents powerfully said in the Ateso language, isiyalamikit iso Teso Education Fund kanu angoliar iso da. Literally meaning, we thank TEF for remembers us also.

He challenged his fellow parents to follow the advice given to support the children during their studies. He said, as a parent with 6 children, he understood the burden of educating children. It is upon this that he was very happy for his daughter Asege Marion who was given a scholarship. He said if it was not for education, he would not have got the chance to visit Soroti University.

Mr Dickens Ojamuge, the Director of Programmes, TEF Uganda thanked Soroti University for associating with TEF by hosting the event. He congratulated the students for being selected out of 100 applicants. He challenged the students be change agents and to be role models in their homes and in their communities.

He also reinforced to the parents the need for them to play their role. He told them that TEF was making a contribution to the education of their children. He told them TEF’s approach was one of building a community of people who will improve the Teso society and sustain the work of TEF.

Please go here to see students in the first cohort.

These are some of the photos of the award ceremony

To donate to TEF, please use the following payment information.

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The following 7 students are still on the scholarship waiting list

  1. IGANGI Simon from Amuria, Certificate in Pharmacy, full course fees 2,740,000.
  2. APEJONON Grace from Bukedea, Certificate in Nursing, full course fees 8,000,000.
  3. OKINEI Enock from Kapelebyong, Certificate in Laboratory Technology, full course fees 4,544,000.
  4. OGIRE Emmanuel from Kumi, National Diploma in Electrical Engineering, full course fees 5,540,000.
  5. ERIA Abdu from Pallisa, Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences full course fees 5,000,000.
  6. ONYAIT Reuben from Serere, Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound, full course fees 6,593,000.
  7. AMUGE Peninah Lydia from Soroti, Certificate in Nursing, full course fees 9,360,000.

Please email Dr Patrick Igulot, Executive Director at [email protected] if you would like to support any of them.

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