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Teso Education Fund Awards Scholarships to Second Cohort

Teso Education Fund has awarded 11 full scholarships to 11 applicants of Cohort 2 (Table 1). The successful applicants will receive their award letters on Saturday 05/02/2022. The scholarship award ceremony will take place in Soroti University of Science and Technology starting at 10:00 AM.

Professor John Robert Ikoja Odongo, Vice Chancellor of Soroti University will be the guest of honor.  He will be accompanied by several dignitaries, volunteers, well-wishers, and officials of TEF.

1 ALAYO, Madel F Amuria Certificate in Pharmacy
2 OJILONG, Josph M Bukedea Certificate in Enrolled Nursing
3 AKOL, Patricia Deborah F Butebo Diploma in Business Administration
4 IGETO, Sarah F Kaberamaido National Certificate in Agricultural Practice
5 EBOYU, Collins M Kalaki Certificate in Pharmacy
6 ABIA, Hellen Susan F Kapelebyong Certificate in Enrolled Nursing
7 ASEGE, Marion F Katakwi Certificate in Tailoring
8 ALUNGAT, Mary Lilian  F Kumi Certificate in Records & Health Information
9 ANYAIT, Lucy F Ngora Certificate in Pharmacy
10 OKELLO, Joseph M Pallisa Diploma in Agriculture
11 ELOLU, Misaki M Serere National Diploma in Animal Production & MGT

The following applicants in Table 2 are on the waiting list, in case an opportunity arises. If you would like to sponsor any of these students, please contact us on email [email protected]

1 IGANGI, Simon M Amuria Certificate in Pharmacy 2,740,000
2 APEJONON, Grace F Bukedea Certificate in Nursing 8,000,000
3 EPAIRE, Patrick Auruku M Bukedea Certificate in Enrolled Nursing 2,400,000
4 AMUNYO, Grace F Kaberamaido Grade III Teacher Training 1,093,250
5 OKINEI, Enock M Kapelebyong Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology 4,544,000
7 AURIEN, Richard  M Katakwi
Certificate in Motor Vehicle and Mechanics
8 OGIRE, Emmanuel M Kumi National Diploma in Electrical Engineering 5,540,000
9 ALIANU, Daniel Isaac M Ngora Diploma in Computer Science & IT 4,786,000
9 ERIA, Abdu M Pallisa Certificate in Environmentall Health Sciences 5,000,000
10 ONYAIT, Reuben M Serere Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound 6,593,000
11 ACHEN, Rebecca F Soroti Certificate in Midwifery 7,079,000
12 AMUGE, Peninah Lydia F Soroti Certificate in Nursing  9,360,000

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Below are photos of the applicants after the interviews at TEF Uganda head office in Soroti City, 300 Kilometers north East of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Below is a photo of the venue for the scholarship award ceremony at Soroti University.

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