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Teso Education Fund Ateso and Culture Lessons

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Indigenous language plays an important role in the development of indigenous culture. As a component of culture, language can be a tool to preserve and promote culture. Language itself is culture and it is identity.

Culture is a way of life. It influences all aspects of life. It shapes individuals in a society by influencing the norms, values, and beliefs of people of a particular community. It influences the health of people. For example, it influences the food people eat and how they eat and prepare it, it influences what people drink and how they drink it, and influences marriage.

Language and culture are therefore intertwined and this is why TEF teaches both language and culture to both children, young people, and adults. Our Ateso and culture classes take place every weekend. The classes take place online. Our classes target speakers little or no skills in the Ateso language, those with basic skills, and those intermediate language competences.

The lessons are taught by members of the Iteso community who are scheduled to teach topics they are comfortable with.  Every teacher is allocated 3 sessions. During the lesson, the teacher is supported by other adults in attendance who complement the teacher.

To attend the lesson every Sunday at 5:00 PM UK Time or 7:00 PM Uganda Time or 5:00 PM South Africa, login using this link or the following information.

Meeting ID: 975 4333 8124

Passcode: 017169

The vision of TEF is a world in which all young people are well educated, skilled, and empowered to live their lives to their full potential. To achieve this vision, TEF has 6 strategic objectives including Objective 4 on community education in indigenous language and culture.

For enquiries about this programme, email Martha Dzimega, Director of Culture and Community at [email protected]


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