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COVID 19, COVID Vaccine, and Black Communities

Teso Education Fund in line with its objective 3 on the structural barriers to education and objective 4 on community education invites you to health talk on COVID-19.

The talk will be delivered by Alexandra Akutwi, a Staff Nurse at the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Alexa is currently heavily involved in rolling out COVID-19 vaccine in her Trust and communities in West London.

The aim of the session is to discuss the disproportionate effect of covid-19 on ethnic minorities in mostly high-income countries with a heavy focus on London.

Evidence shows ethnic minority groups have the worst outcomes on almost all health measures. COVID-19 pandemic is just another example which has outraged civilised societies and the debate is ongoing.

In the UK, people of Black ethnicity have had the highest diagnosis rates compared to the white British people.

Data from Public Health England (PHE) data up to May 2020 showed 25% of patients requiring Intensive Treatment Unit were Black or Asian mostly Bangladeshi and Pakistani.

According to PHE, the mortality risk from COVID-19 among Black Asian and other Minority Ethnicities (BAME) is twice that of the White British patients.

The talk will explore the possible causes and several potential proposed reasons of ethnic disparities in health outcomes.

We have seen first-hand the effects of the choices we make on how we live and work and the huge impact this has on our health, we need to start the conversation!

Despite the impact of COVID-19 of Black communities, members of these communities have the highest numbers of people not willing to have the vaccine.

These and many other issues will be explored in the talk.

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